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SAF P89 Air Disc Brakes

SAF is recognized as a global leader in air disc brake technology with millions of disc brake axles in service worldwide since 1996.

Leveraging its global network of engineering, testing and manufacturing expertise, SAF has developed a family of disc brake systems to meet the unique requirements of the North American trailer market.

SAF P89 Advantages

Reduced Maintenance

  • Significantly Longer Brake Pad Life for Extended Service Intervals – Some fleets have reported a substantial increase in miles between brake jobs.
  • Replacing Disc Brake Pads Takes Less Than Half the Time – When compared to replacing conventional drum brake linings.
  • The Automatic Brake Adjustment Mechanism – Built into the disc brake caliper. This means there are no slack adjusters to maintain and brake stroke to control.
  • Lower Risk for Out-of-Service Adjustment Violations – When compared to drum brakes
    Designed to Accept Industry Standard Wear Parts.
  • Five-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

Braking Performance

Reduced Brake Fade

Traditional brake drums expand away from the brake lining during hard braking, resulting in brake fade. Disc brake rotors expand toward the brake pads during similar braking events, essentially eliminating mechanical brake fade.

Shorter Stopping Distances

When compared to drum brake systems.

Enhanced Safety is Reason Enough

Fleets recognize the safety advantages of air disc brakes and are making it their number one priority as evidenced in a recent truck safety survey.

SAF P89 disc brakes will assure the stopping performance you expect, after all SAF is the global leader in trailer air disc brakes.

Designed for the North American Market

  • SAF SBS 2220-K0 Dual Piston Caliper Design – Increases braking performance and pad life, uses larger brake pads and provides more even pad wear when compared to a single piston design.
  • Dual Sealed Slide Pins – Maintenance requirements simplified by eliminating the need for lubrication.
  • Premium Brake Chamber – All steel design with full immersion e-coating of housing and internal components for long life corrosion protection.
  • Semi-Metallic Disc Brake Pads – 20% larger to provide the optimum balance of stopping power and long wear life to extend service intervals.
  • Heavy-Duty Vented Rotor – large internal cooling channels and 30% more wearable rotor surface than comparable designs. More evenly dissipates heat to reduce rotor distortion for a long service life.
  • Heavy-Duty Parallel Spindle Wheel End – robust spindle design with large 89mm inner and outer wheel bearings for enhanced performance, reliability and unmatched durability.

SAF P89 Features

All the Benefits You Expect From the World’s Leading Trailer Axle Disc Brake Supplier, at a Price Point That Makes Sense for Commercial Fleets of All Sizes.


  •  Heavy-Duty Vented Rotor
  •  Proven Knorr Caliper
  •  Parallel or Taper Spindle
  •  5-Year Warranty

SAF P89 Support

Warranty Details

P89 Disc Brake Standard or Moderate Duty
Caliper Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Brake Pads Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Rotor Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Brake Chamber Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Hub Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Bearings Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Wheel Seals, Hub Caps & Axle Nuts Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years
Other Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years

XTRA Lease - SAF P89 Inspection Procedures

SAF P89 Service Videos


Trailer Slider Suspension System

SAF ULX40 Features

Lightweight with Quality Ride Performance

The lightweight SAF ULX40 allows more payload while delivering the quality and handling control required without the complexity of air-ride.

Independent testing of road conditions and impact on cargo shows that, along with today’s improved packaging material and pallet configurations, the mechanical suspension system performs to the ride quality standards expected by North American on-highway fleets.

Additional ULX40 Features Include:

Slider Sub-Frame

Manufactured with 80KSI yield steel and strategically located crossmembers to resist racking and buckling. Models available to accommodate 1-3⁄8˝
and 1-5⁄8˝ pins.

SAF X-Series 5.75" Diameter Axle

The optimized design of the 5.75˝ axle brings a 20 lb. weight savings per tandem, and is over 30% more rigid when compared to the standard 5˝ diameter axle.

Qwik Release® Pin Pull

With 20% less pulling effort than competitive models, one person can easily reposition the slider - also eliminates bound-up pin problems.

Black Armour® Metal Treatment

Treatment process, unlike paint or powder coating, means the ultimate in corrosion protection with no rust creep.

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SAF P89 Air Disc Brakes

Choose the proven design and genuine value of the P89 air disc brake with Knorr calipers and actuators.

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SAF ULX40 Support

ULX40 Components Standard Duty Extended Warranty (Durasystem)
Major Components: Main structural components including slider box, hangers, etc. Parts / Labor 10 Years / 10 Years
SAF-HOLLAND Supplied Axle Beam, Welded Bracketry and Axle Connections Parts / Labor 10 Years / 10 Years
Steel Spring Parts / Labor 5 Years / 5 Years

Black Armour™

The Most Advanced Suspension Corrosion Protection Available!

Black Armour™

Standard on all SAF Suspensions

Protect your fleet and your bottom line when you spec an SAF suspension system that comes standard with the exclusive Black Armour™ corrosion protection treatment.

This advanced corrosion protection gives you the ultimate defense against rust and corrosion.

… Only from SAF-HOLLAND

  • Factory applied on ALL SAF suspensions
  • Weighs and cost significantly less than hot-dip galvanization
  • Can be used as a finish coat or a primer

A Unique Chemical Treatment – Not Just Another Paint or Coating!

Black Armour™ metal treatment is the perfect foundation for fleets that want to add their own topcoat. It can act either as a topcoat, or a primer for nearly any topcoat, all without additional sanding or prep work.

Black Armour™ is a water-based zinc-free coating with 72% fewer solvents than traditional coatings and fewer VOCs!

Black Armour™ is not just a paint – it grafts with metal to form a protective skin that will not shrink or peel, and is impervious to moisture and today’s harsh, anti-icing agents. Unlike paints and powder-coats, Black Armour™ prevents rust creep should chipping occur.